Glenn Greenwald – Defender Of #47Traitors

In case you’ve missed it amid all the media noise about Hillary Clinton’s emails, this week Senator “Tehran” Tom Cotton and 46 other Republican Senators wrote an ‘open letter’ to Iran’s leaders basically telling them that negotiating with the P5+1 nations, the US in particular, was a waste of time because, well, the GOP wouldn’t […]

Rob Bell, Church, And Culture

  Rob Bell – The Punching Bag There’s a common cry from a segment of the Christian population that allowing the culture to influence the church is a bad thing.  Rick Warren is famous for saying, among other things, that regarding marriage equality “…when the church accommodates culture, it weakens it”. While, in principle, I […]

Torture Is An American Value


  Torture Is An American Value I’m sickened. I’m disgusted. But most of all, I’m heartbroken. That the US has engaged in torture of people captured during the “War on Terror” has been one of the world’s worst kept secrets. Yet through it all, the CIA assured the American public and, incidentally, Congress and the […]

Moses And Exodus 4:13 | @NotScottEvans

Disclaimer – Scott and I have been connected online for the last 5+ years.  What started out as a t-shirt purchase has grown into a friendship I treasure.   “God uses Idiots all the time. They tend to know that they cannot do it by themselves”  – Scott Evans Last night I finally got to meet […]

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