Two Face Jail For Fake Tea Party Scam

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Those who tamper with the election system should be punished accordingly.  Now if we could only get rid of those electronic voting machines with the ‘trade secret’ software.

Jason Bauer, the former Oakland County Democratic Party operative who was busted for his role in last summer’s failed attempt to qualify a slate of tea party candidates for the Michigan ballot, pleaded no contest this morning to five felonies related to the scheme.

Bauer, who was a notary public, was charged with falsely notarizing affidavits of candidacy. He and former Oakland County Democratic Chairman Mike McGinnis were both charged with perjury and forgery for falsifying documents to put candidates on the ballot who weren’t aware of their candidacies.

Both men face a maximum sentence of up to 14 years in prison on the forgery conviction but are expected to receive substantially less. Bauer will be sentenced in January. – Detroit Free Press

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