The Tea Party’s Economic End Times Nihilism

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Via MotherJones:

What we’re witnessing in the debt ceiling crisis reveals what the Tea Party has been all along:  not an embrace of the Constitution as a foundation for good government but its appropriation as a weapon in a nihilistic effort by ideologues to disable and dismantle government with the object of transferring generations’ worth of public wealth into private hands. Political theorist Ruth Wilson Gilmore has described it as the emergence of the “anti-state state.”

The Tea Party response to the nation’s economic situation is to hobble federal power and use national debt as a political gun to the head of the president.

It’s nihilism masquerading as end-times revivalism.

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  3. Whoa whoa whoa! Guns? To the head of the president? What’s with all the vitriol?

    The bottom line is that if you could snap your fingers and the tea party would go away, we would still owe $14T. We would still have massive deficits that would add to the $14T.
    The tea party didn’t add $4T to the debt in 30 months. The tea party didn’t exist for 7 of Bush’s 8 years.

    Yet liberals blame the tea party. Yet liberals have no plan of their own, other than to keep doing what we’ve been doing.

    Why not 1%? Across the board….1%. It would be a step in the right direction.

    1. They do have a plan. $3 in cuts for every $1 in revenue.

      Nobody’s blaming the Tea Party for the debt…. but for the irrational stubbornness and complete ideological rigidity that’ll ruin the full faith and credit of the US by refusing to budge even one inch.

  4. $3 in cuts WHEN? And WHERE?

    If it’s over 10 years, then it’s BS and you KNOW it. That’s been tried before and the cuts never happen. If they’re cuts to proposed spending rather than current spending, then it’s BS and you KNOW it.

    Anything short of immediate cuts to real spending are unacceptable. Accepting anything less than that is accepting the status quo.

    If it’s so great, and it’s actually your plan, why hasnt the country heard your president put it out there?

    I fully expect to be disappointed in Boehner when this is over. You will either see a simple increase in the debt ceiling with neither increased taxes, nor decreased spending, or you will see a bill that accomplishes nothing and the white house will celebrate it- as will you.

  5. What numbers do you want to see? You want my suggestion?

    1% in real spending cuts. let congress determine where that 1% comes from. If they don’t decide by a certain date, then it’s automatically across the board. And I’d like to do this for several consecutive years.

    As for the choices we have right now, I begrudgingly support the Boehner plan. While it’s terribly insufficient, it’s still all cuts and no taxes. It establishes a precedent of sorts that Debt ceiling increases must be accompanied by equal or greater spending cuts, And it gives about six months To discuss reforms on taxes and entitlements. Additionally it keeps the issue in the publics mind. It allows more time for the public to understand the issue……and it’s veto proof.

    Here’s your problem…..let’s assume democrats get exactly what they want. Then what? Cheer and applaud? Use the momentum to win obama’s reelection after he did NOTHING to help the situation? He’s a gutless, spineless, empty suit. He’s not even willing to vote ‘present’ on this one.

    What then? What about the money? We still owe it. taxes will not get us out of this mess in spite of what you think.

    You really need to stop being a democrat
    cheerleader on this issue. What you fail to realize is that democrats are offering you a crap sandwich on white and republicans are offering you a crap sandwich on white. And you’re being stupid enough to choose the crap on white because you don’t like wheat bread.

    Those of us who are rational, have a backbone, and are able to think for ourselves, are demanding a more robust menu. We refuse to eat the crap.

    1. “1% in real spending cuts.”

      So, with a budget that has $1.3T in discretionary spending (2010), you want to cut 1%, or $13 billion. You see, that’s all you’d be allowed to touch. The rest is mandated by law.

      I thought you were serious about cutting the deficit and reducing the debt.

  6. And theres nothing wrong with that if its done for 7 or 8 consecutive years. This problem wont be fixed in a year. Or even five years.
    You proposed 4.3T in cuts and I demonstrated that it was a drop in the bucket…of course I realize that 1% isnt much. Its a step in the right direction that can be repeated over and over again with minimal pain.

    As for the spending that is mandated by law…..its simple. You still pay it, but you pay it out at 1% less. Also the laws need to be changed. Period.

    Another thing people like me are advocating, is making it tougher to get on the govt dole in the first place, and making it tougher to stay there once youre on it. We need to reevaluate the definitions of ‘needy’ and ‘poor’. We need to reduce the number of people who qualify to collect benefits. If we dont do that, then the ONLY way to turn social security around is to raise the retirement age to HIGHER than the average life expectancy. We no longer have enough workers to support the recipient class. This is simple math that I have no doubt you understand.

    I no longer care about your emotional attachment to the ‘poor’. That argument is worn out. You have lost focus on what being poor really is. You are not equating being poor to actual quality of life, youre comparing poor to rich, and it burns you up inside that some people have more than others. And I dont care anymore. Call me heartless. Call me a hater. Whatever. I DONT CARE. A financial correction is going to occur in this country one way or another, and its going to be painful for everyone- and the recipient class will feel more pain than anyone else no matter what we do. The longer we wait to make some tough decisions, the more painful it will be. It should have been done 20 years ago or more. Any disagreements with the above is simply advocating kicking the can and vote buying.

    As for defense, it needs to be cut too. Drastically. We can choose to cut it now, voluntarily, or we can allow it cut itself when there is simply no more money. Its the exact same situation as Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. One way or another, theyre ALL going to get cut. We can cut them now, or we can allow our “leaders” to play musical chairs and do anything they can to NOT be in a position of power WHEN things crash.

    Compromises dont matter anymore. Neither side has plan that addresses the problem.

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