President Obama – Child Soldiers Ok With Me

I’m utterly sickened by this.

President Obama has decided to issue a waiver allowing continued U.S. military aid to four countries that use child soldiers for the second consecutive year. The Obama administration says it will waive penalties under the Child Soldiers Prevention Act to prevent a cutoff of military assistance to Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Yemen. According to Foreign Policy magazine, National Security Council Senior Director Samantha Power had promised NGOs last year that the waivers would not be renewed, saying the administration would exert pressure by “[working] from inside the tent.” – Democracy Now


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  1. I suppose he was overdue to issue a waiver of some sort. Of any sort. Thats just what he does.

    Props for seeing the light on this though. Props for realizing that even the Chosen One is owned by multinational corporations who need their interests abroad protected.

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    1. I agree. A bad idea is a bad idea. Allowing monies to go to countries that use child soldiers, especially if you’re signing a waiver, is inexcusable, and a moral failure of the highest order.

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