Is The Egyptian Revolution Dangerous For Youth?

egypt muslim coptic christianOver on the blog Patheos, Brian Kirk asks the question “Could the revolution in Egypt be dangerous for our youth?”  I’ll admit, at first, the headline made me skeptical of what I was going to read.  However, that initial impression was 180o from correct.

Instead of the gun, you can use the voice of protest. Instead of the fist, you can use the social communities of Facebook and Twitter. Instead of building up your arsenal, you can simply stand your ground and refuse to participate in systems that are built upon systemic injustice.” I don’t know about you, but to me this is a dangerous message; it might actually encourage youth to live out a more radical faith—one that takes seriously Jesus‘ call to respect the humanity of all people and to seek power not in coercion but in community and servanthood.

Go.  Read.  Comment.

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