#FantasyFootball Friday | 2011 Week 9

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This is the I love and I hate Matthew Stafford edition.  Because of his dismantling of the Denver defense, I went 1-1 this week.

As always, check out Rod and Adam‘s blogs.


Lost by a score of 308-240.  Yup, a total spanking.  I was up by about 50 after the morning games with a 7-5 player advantage.  I was pretty stoked when Stafford’s first TD went to Titus Young, negating some of his points, but that would be it.  Pettigrew slept and Dallas’ no-show (while he had Philly’s D) sealed the loss for me.

Oh, and let’s not forget Stevan Ridley riding the pine with the return of Kevin Faulk in New England.  Made some moves, dumped Ridley and Young for Jonathan Baldwin and Jackie Battle.


This was a fairly easy win, 87-67, as my opponent had 3 players on bye.  Stafford scored me a ton in this league, 24 in standard scoring.  Made a single defensive swap and this week I’ll face the first place team in the other division.  Mildly frustrating as he’s in first at 4-4 and I’m in 3rd in my division at 6-2.  This week is going to be a challenge, still considering picking up another QB to play in the place of Rivers, who has been disappointing this year.  Looking at Andy Dalton as the backup to Stafford.

So far I’m in the projected playoff brackets in both leagues, sneaking into the #6 seed in Yahoo, at 4-4, and the #4 seed in ESPN at 6-2.


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