Dear @MichelleMalkin, We Should Let Colorado Springs Burn

Let it burn to the ground.

The people of Colorado Springs chose to live in an area where wildfires are a risk.

The people of Colorado Springs chose to cut their taxes so low, they’re one of the lowest tax burdens in the US.

The people of Colorado Springs rejected a property tax increase to fund fire prevention activities.

The people of Colorado Springs chose a local government that is a libertarian’s fantasy.

Why should the rest of Colorado pay to save them?

Why should we, the rest of the country, pay to save them and their homes?

It was their choice, they need to deal with the consequences.

I mean, anytime the Federal Government does anything in the realm of disaster prevention and clean up, it’s nothing but “Disaster Socialism“, right Michelle Malkin?

Oh, wait.

Now you’re saying the Government didn’t spend ENOUGH on Fire Fighting equipment, Michelle?

Why would you say that?

Oh, I know… because the fire in Colorado Springs affects you personally.

Now you want the big, bad Federal Government to come to your rescue and save your city, your home.

Never mind for the last 10 years you, and those in your tribe, saw any sort of preparedness spending as wasteful socialism.

10 years ago, those in DC were warned that the nations fire-fighting tanker fleet was getting old and needed to be modernized.

Your tribe, who was in charge of the Federal Government, did nothing.

Instead your partisan hackery caused you to blame the CURRENT administration, despite the fact that they’ve green-lighted and fast-tracked new fire-fighting tanker planes to be in service in the next 6 weeks.

Never mind that when a disaster comes and affects someone else you and your tribe publish statements like those that opened this post.

It’s all about you, now, and your desire for those you constantly criticize and belittle to come to your rescue.

Guess what… we will.


Well, to put it simply, we’re not like you.

Those “union thug” firefighters will continue to put their lives on the line to save your community.

Those “liberal socialists” will continue to open their hearts, their homes, and their wallets to those affected by these fires.

The “tyrannical government” in DC will continue to spend money and resources to fight a disaster that no coalition of local governments could ever possibly handle.

Do you want to know why?

Because we believe that we are all responsible to and for each other.

Because we believe when our neighbor needs our help, it is our duty to do so, even if we disagree with them.

A nation of individuals who put their individuality above community at all times will never survive.

It’s only when the individuals realize that the community, the nation, is stronger when everyone works together for the common good that the nation will survive.

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