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Well, well, well.

After lambasting President Obama‘s stimulus program (which worked) and lampooning the President’s clean energy programs, thanks to the intrepid folk over at WestWingReport, we find out that Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell sought not once, but twice to get loans from the Dept. of Energy to build an electric car plant in Kentucky.

But in 2009, McConnell wrote two letters to Energy Secretary Steven Chu asking for federal loans for a plant that would build electric cars in Franklin, Ky. McConnell said the loans said could help create 4,000 jobs.

“I hope you will realize the importance of such job creation to Kentucky,” he wrote in a July 2009 letter supporting ZAP Motor Manufacturing.

How much were the loans?

$235 million dollars.

Oh, and Louisiana Republican David Vitter?  Seven requests since 2009.


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  1. Look, I despise McConnell and Vitter as much as I despise most democrats…….but where is the hypocrisy? Oh wait, it’s along the same lines as Rick perry (another scumbag) or ron paul accepting stimulus money, right? Dude, the money was going to be spent whether they asked for it or not. It’s their job to try to get it if it’s going to be spent anyway. Whatever. I know we disagree on that.

    But you decide to write a green energy post and THIS is what you come up with? Proof positive that the issues at hand are not on your radar. What’s important is ‘your team’ winning. You prefer to write about republicans applying for money and not getting it rather than to report on companies who actually got $535M of YOUR money and subsequently went bankrupt. Diversion tactics and WWE politics. Anything to keep the heat off your boy in the white house.

    Yeah I realize you’ve commented on solyndra before, but look at what you said. You tried
    blaming Bush! MSNBC even stopped trying that route after about an hour.

    What’s the name of that other company? The name slips my mind right now. You know it I’m sure. At least I assume you do cause you watch fox news. I’m sure you’re aware of this other scandal. I forget the name of the company but I’m very aware of what went down. I’ll let you comment on it first though as soon as the talking points come out.

    Your boy is in trouble, my friend. He doesnt know whether hes coming or going anymore. Unfortunately that probably means Romney, which won’t change anything so you shouldn’t be too upset over that. Rahm Emmanuel was totally running this country for a while. His arm was permanently lodged up obama’s rear end using him as a puppet.

    1. First, he’s not “my boy”.

      Second, the point of the post on Solyndra was to show that, contrary to the right wing talking points, the promotion of Solyndra started years before Obama.

      Third, yes, if they’re going to publicly bad mouth these programs as a “waste of money”, etc., and then belly up to the government trough to get some dough then, yes, by every single measure they are hypocrites.

      I’m sure I’ll hear you talk about McConnell’s $235 million dollar request for a project in which the partner, Integrity manufacturing, financially collapsed, right? Or perhaps Lamar Smith’s lobbying for Tessera Solar? Or the other hundreds of millions in dollars of requests by Republicans?

      If you publicly state the program is no good, then be a man of your word and don’t participate.

      But, since they’re GOP, you’ll rationalize their hypocrisy away… oh, wait, you did in your first paragraph.

  2. Funny you don’t mention that they likely didn’t get the money partly due to solyndra.

    Disappointing that you can’t be honest enough to admit that that money would have been better spent in mcconnells or vitters districts. There’s really no disputing that point. But I admit hindsight is 20/20. Oh, and ‘better spent’ still doesn’t mean it SHOULD have been spent at all.

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