Can Faith And Science Be Reconciled?

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Richard Cizik, co-founder of the New Evangelical Partnership For The Common Good believes so.  In fact, one of the main goals of this new group is “to articulate a new form of engagement that doesn’t demonize science or scientists.”

From Alan Leshner at HuffPo:

Cizik will speak about faith and scientific understanding at the 2011 AAAS Annual Meeting in mid-February, in a symposium entitled “Evangelicals, Science, and Policy.” Cizik promises to bring new perspective to the topic.

“From our vantage point as new evangelicals, we don’t see a conflict between science and religion. Millions of evangelicals have reasoned that ‘scientists are evolutionists, so therefore we’re going to reject what they say about climate change,'” Cizik says. “That viewpoint is born, not of deep faith, but of a particular political adherence.”

Hear! Hear!

As a scientist and a theologian, it boggles my mind when people take the position that it has to be one or the other… science or faith.  Many, many scientist today and in history, including the fathers of modern science, were men of great faith.

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